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                  Great coffee should improve the lives of everyone who touches it. For us, this means sourcing quality coffees from producers and importers we know and trust, ensuring sustainability and fair prices for farmers. It means working hard to build a diverse, supportive environment for our employees. Finally, it means putting an immense amount of love and care into roasting, packaging, and brewing for our customers.


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                  Every business owner’s vision is different, and we want to support you in your vision. To do that, we take your business as seriously as we take our own, and we happily offer a variety of services.

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                  Metropolis Caf

                  Welcome to the Neighborhood

                  A coffee house should be equally a place to relax as a place to plan a revolution. Stop by our Granville Avenue caf to experience a showcase for artists, a forum for ideas, and a catalyst for conversation. Oh, and the coffee is pretty great too.

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